I made my first organic and drought tolerant garden in 1968.
We have received multiple landscape and xeriscape awards.
Let us create a place of beauty and peace that is uniquely yours

South Creek Gardens designs, builds and maintains a wide variety of unique Boulder landscaping projects. We are distinguished by our focus on building customer relationships that allow us to collaboratively create a little piece of paradise. Each project requires a great amount of time and dedication to detail. Our design aesthetic, use of rare and unusual plants, decorative boulders, flowers, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers, and other materials create an environment of distinctive beauty. We consider ourselves artists not just craftsmen.

Our Boulder landscaping can transform any place whether it is small or overwhelming, bland or even ugly. We say "this is not just a problem, it is an opportunity." We see and create the beauty waiting to enliven each space. South Creek Gardens have built beautiful, natural looking water features ranging from small pondless fountains to breath taking waterfalls and streams. We built large projects such as a long, mountain stream ending in a trout filled lake that few people recognized as man-made.

South Creek Gardens have transformed small backyards into a paradise such as a hot tub hidden in the middle of a garden surrounded with boulders, dwarf evergreens, and a stream and waterfall. Our Boulder landscaping does not consist of gardens that look just like the others. We will understand your ideas and preferences and hand pick stones to create a gorgeous work of art in your yard.

South Creek Gardens have been building rock walls and gardens in Boulder County for over 4 decades. Our clients range from small town homes to multi-acre estates and even an employee eating area. Our Boulder landscaping architects make it possible to create gardens that are a far cry from the cookie cutter style one often sees in conventional landscaping. Our gardens are more than just a pretty backdrop, but an opportunity to experience and savor a work of art that will enrich life for you, your friends and family. At South Creek Gardens we hand pick unique plants and flowers, stonework, soil, and architectural elements to create spaces that are unique for your needs and desires. You will find "blessings that are new every morning."