About Us

South Creek Gardens was established in 1992. Our focus is primarily residential landscape design  Colorado, while we also work for several commercial properties. We design, build, and maintain a wide variety of projects. We are distinguished by our focus on building customer relationships that allow us to collaboratively create a little piece of paradise.

Each project is unique. Our design aesthetic, use of rare and unusual plants, decorative boulders, flowers, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers, and other materials create an environment of distinctive beauty. We consider our landscape contractors artists not just craftsmen.

I am Paul Oerter, owner of South Creek Gardens. I've lived in Boulder since 1966. My wife and I and our family have been blessed to live in our beautiful home since 1979 (please come take visit)!

I love rocks, plants and good soil. Some of my earliest memories are planting flowers in my mother’s garden. Even as a child I was digging up plants to grow in our our neighbors' yards.

I built my first organic, drought tolerant landscape in 1968. We made our own compost. I remember (not fondly at the time) shoveling chicken manure by hand and hauling it to our compost pile.

Our Colorado landscape contractors  took a rocky south facing slope, sifted out the roc ks, and mixed in our compost and good soil. We terraced it with moss rock boulders, built a dry stream bed, and built stone steps. Then we planted drought tolerant plants. This garden is still beautiful today.

Tomas Alaniz has worked with me since 1994. Jesus Ortiz and Raul Mosqueda have been with us over 10 years. I'm very grateful to have men of such character and capability to work with for so long.