Stonework and boulders are "the bones of the garden". They are beautiful all year and require no maintenance. Even more so they bring life to the garden and create vital relationships among all parts of the landscape. Designer and Artist Paul Oerter has been designing Boulder rock landscaping for over 4 decades. His vast experience, and artist eye will result in a breathtaking display of stone work, designed uniquely for your yard. We have built stone steps that wind beautifully up a hillside. We have used large boulders that function as a retaining for our Boulder rock walls while creating a beautiful vista. We have used stonework and boulders throughout many of our designs to give our gardens a natural look.  These stone features are often over looked when planning a garden design, but are a very important factor to consider. While developing our Boulder rock landscaping skills we have built patios, stone planters, walkways, and anything else using natural stone. We will understand your ideas and preferences and hand pick stones to create a gorgeous work of art in your yard.